SJH Heart Institute Implants First MitraClip in Hillsborough County

Alok Singh, MD, Andy Sherman, MD, and Ray Mulingtapang, MD congratulate each other on the successful completion of the first totally percutaneous MitraClip in Hillsborough County.
Since opening its new Heart Institute in February 2014, St. Joseph’s Hospital continues leading the way in cardiac care.

On June 18, Alok Singh, M.D., Andy Sherman, M.D., Ray Mulingtapang, M.D., and George Freeman, M.D., successfully implanted the first totally percutaneous MitraClip in Hillsborough County to treat severe mitral valve regurgitation, a condition that affects more than four million Americans and can lead to stroke and heart failure.

In the past, treatment required open heart surgery, however many patients are not good candidates for that operation. MitraClip is the world’s first minimally invasive mitral valve therapy approved by the FDA, which means more patients can now receive the treatment they need.  Mitral valve regurgitation occurs when the valve separating the left upper collection chamber and left lower pumping chamber of the heart does not close properly. As a result, blood flows backward into the left upper collecting chamber of the heart, decreasing the blood flow to the rest of the body, making the heart work harder.

The MitraClip is a permanent implant device delivered to the heart through a blood vessel in the groin (femoral vein). The heart continues beating during the procedure and does not require the heart-lung bypass machine, which is common for open-heart surgery. The MitraClip improves valve closure and reduces backflow of blood (regurgitation). The heart returns to pumping blood to the body more efficiently, relieving the patient’s symptoms and improving their quality of life.

SJH Heart Institute is one of the most advanced and comprehensive centers for adult and pediatric cardiovascular medicine in Florida, performing more than 80,000 cardiac catheterizations. We provide advanced technology in the full spectrum of heart services, including valve and coronary surgery, TAVR, and the most up to date approaches for treating A-Fib. Additionally, we are one of the largest providers of heart attack care in Central Florida.

Reprinted from St. Joseph's Hospital Chat News, July 6, 2015

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